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Everybody Has To Have Rules, Here Are Ours

Being a USA Cycling sanctioned race, the Chili's WV Time Trial Chamionships will follow USAC rules and regulations. They can be found in the road race section of the rulebook located here. The main thing to know is this: everyone rides the same course on their own, with no drafting, and the fastest time wins.

The following categories will be used for racing, based on age for juniors and race experience for adults. All fields listed will be used for men and women, *except there is no women's cat 5.

  • Juniors 0-10
  • Juniors 11-12
  • Juniors 13-14
  • Juniors 15-16
  • Juniors 17-18
  • Cat 5*
  • Cat 4
  • Cat 1/2/3

Technical Info

The USA Cycling rules have some unique allowances in time trials that don't apply to other road racing formats. Time trials are the only format that cyclists can race in categories above what their license stipulates. For example, a triathlete with no USAC experience can race in the highest class available if they would choose to do so. There are some mechanical and technological implements that are allowed in a time trial that otherwise are prohibited, such as aerobars, time trial bikes, and sleeveless jerseys, among others.

Chili's WV Time Trial Championships
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